TRACER-OPAL Spec In Vehicle Monitoring System

TRACER IVMS device is approved by OPAL to provide services within the scope of Road Safety Standards. The device has been upgraded with a new mechanism of GPS and VSS data and cover parameters to put safety first, increase visibility over the entire fleet , incorporate geofencing, alert when drivers enter and exit specific areas and reduce fuel consumption.


OPAL Road Safety Standards

TRACER IVMS has followed the minimum standards required in regards to the safety of land transport in Oil & Gas operations.

Second By Second report

Being a user-friendly system, Techno Graph Data Report can be generated in less than 5 seconds with detailed analysis of location, date,time, speed and driver name.

Vehicle Activity report

The report highlights the moving, stop and idle hours with high degree of accuracy. Graph, chart and figures are provided with detailed analysis.

Vehicle Event Detail Report

We help to keep your fleet safe, and to track them in the event of violation. Violation criterias like Harsh brake, harsh acceleration, seat belt violation, over-speeding in the geofencing area , tampering violation and etc.

Show Path Data

The data provides real-time fleet visibility so that you can evaluate live data

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